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Welcome in our art and design avenue!

The Artender Team would bring buyers and sellers of beautiful things together. Buyers and sellers are no longer hindered by borders or other restrictions .
Internet offers that opportunity before . Internet often has the risk of unreliability . Artender Avenue allows buyers and sellers to find each other with the guarantee of reliability, honesty and safety .

Reliably by our skilled specialists who assess each offer. Honesty because we guarantee our customers through bill that is paid when the buyer is satisfied .
Security because we also facilitate the next financial security transportation via our partner UPS .

Arte Islander Avenue is a unique online shopping mall with a variety of objects of art and design. All objects are seen by our independent experts. Whether it's a painting , a grand piano , an old timer or a lamp , or even a plane. This means that we can guarantee a good quality. A good quality at a competitive market price .

Objects of art and design buy is personal. With us you get along with the expert to a good and appropriate your purchase. Artender Avenue is a world platform , you buy from home in every continent. Artender Avenue offers you a world of exclusive , beautiful and valuable objects.

Artender Avenue , invest in enjoy .